Pharma Express S.A. directs its sales to distributors, pharmaceutical companies, national and provincial institutions.  Among these are the most important public hospitals and private health care institutions. We also have as our clients important industries –nutritional, cold-storage plants and hypermarket chains.

Due to the local market´s requirements regarding quality levels and considering the daily battle to get better costs, we have established our own office in the city of Qingdao, China. Through this office we seek out the most favourable purchase conditions. We pass on these savings to our customers and can also act as agents for their purchases.

In addition we export medical disposables and related product lines from China and from Argentina with our registered trademark ALL PRO.  The high quality of our products is recognised by opinion leaders in the local medical market and also by health professionals in the countries where we operate.

Our customers represent our highest priority and we are committed to offering the best quality at the lowest possible costs and place great value on mutually beneficial long term relationships.